Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on - Schiet meer kapot dan je lief is!. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Server Rules

    1. Cheating in any form, including (but not exclusive to) the use of online gaming cheats, hacks, and ghosting (i.e. the practice of spectating players communicating to live players the whereabouts of other players on the server either directly or indirectly), is prohibited. #
    2. Players who admit to cheating, including (but not exclusive to) making an express or implied statement that they cheat, or use of a cheating clan's tag, will be treated as cheaters. #
    3. Playing in a manner that is disruptive to other players or the goals of the map, including (but not exclusive to) team flash-banging, killing hostages, unreasonably refusing to plant the bomb, remaining away from the keyboard for an excessive amount of time, and suiciding, is prohibited. Don't Camp too much or too long , it will make the game go faster for the dead people that are waiting for new round. #
    4. Any use of racism or racist comments through means including (but not exclusive to) the text-chat facility, voice-communication, and sprays, even between friends, is prohibited. #
    5. Excessive abuse or harassment of other players, including (but not exclusive to) the heckling of new/poor players, blocking players, and following and shooting other players of the same team, is prohibited.Watch your language,If you are caught being gratuitously offensive or abusive to other players/admins we will punish you for that.(slay,kick,ban action) People play the game for fun, they do not expect to receive abuse. We have a zero tolerance policy. If you act anti-socially, then expect to be dealt with accordingly! #
    6. Use of map and server exploits, including (but not exclusive to) skywalking, shield bugs / scripts exploiting shield bugs, attempts at server crashing, and the #spec bug and its variants, is prohibited. #
    7. Impersonating a Public Enemy admin, either expressly or through implication, is prohibited. #
  2. Posting

    1. Please read the forum descriptions and stickies before posting to see if you’re posting in the correct location. #
    2. Crossposting is the act of posting the same message to multiple forums, this is not allowed and posts will be deleted. #
    3. Doubleposting is the act of posting multiple messages, each posted to a single forum, this is not allowed and posts will be deleted. #
    4. We will allow bumping within 48 hours of your last post. No double posting should be needed. You can also use the edit post feature. #
  3. Spamming

    1. Spamming (posting of unnecessary and irrelevant content) is not appropriate. Posts regarded as spam will simply be edited by a Mod or admin the first time and a warning will be given if the same user again posts spam. #
  4. Signature & Avatar Specific Rules

    1. Avatars should be no larger than 100x100 Pixels. #
    2. Signatures should be no larger than 500x100 Pixels, Text Lines Cannot Contact Huge Or Tiny Text-Size. That is; between size=9 and size=12, no smaller, no larger. #
  5. Private messaging

    1. The accounts of users sending offensive, pornographic, illegal, politically charged or right-wing extremist personal messages in the board or posting such content in the board (whether text or pictures) will be deleted. #
  6. Moderation

    1. The accounts of users with offensive, pornographic, illegal, politically charged or right-wing extremist nicknames will be deleted. #
  7. Warning & Ban Policy

    1. Contraventions of the server rules can be punishable through a variety of means, the most serious of which is a global ban from our server. Depending upon the severity of the contravention, an admin may, at his or her own discretion, apply a temp-ban or a perm-ban. #
    2. The first temp-ban will ban the player from our server for 7 days, the second for 14 days, and the third will be permanent. #
    3. A perm-ban will ban the player from our server permanently. #
    4. If you are banned, and are unsure why, you may make a new topic in the appropiate forum, or can ask for assistance in [url=irc://]#public-enemy[/url] on QuakeNet. #
    5. Extra Addition for Dutch People Let een beetje op je Taal, het woord "Kanker" of "kk" of iets wat er op lijkt wordt niet getolereerd! ook als je iemands familie lid gaan zitten uitschelden zul je uit de server worden verwijderd, mensen spelen het spel voor de lol en iemand familie heeft niks met het spel te maken. #