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ARK: Survival Evolved PvE Server

Posted: 06 Jun 2018 17:10
by Mickroz
Since a few weeks now we have a ARK: Survival Evolved PvE server. All Hx10 Tx20 ETERNAL

[ external image ]

[ external image ]

[ external image ]

*Dino Set to max: 600
*Taming x20
*Resourcing x10


*Current Mods Installed:

Eternal Mod
Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion
Structures Plus (S+)
Auto Death Recovery
Pick Up Dino
Tek Bench
Engram Unlocker
No Fog
Meat Spoiler
Pet Finder
Upgrade Station
Bulk Crafters
More Stacks

More mods will be added later.

Just have fun and Enjoy.